Hi, we Farmasi 727, welcomes you. Here is the place to look for the means to contact us, an early-hours pharmacy (farmasi awal pagi) in Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 甲洞大清早开门的西药中心

Our store is located right in the middle of the open-air morning wet market in Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia. As usual, this market opens early in the morning every day. As for the correct recognition of this market, please do not mistake our market for another roofed market which is about 2km away. By the way, our market spans an area equal to that of 3 football fields. In addition, differently, ours belongs to the open-air type.

Opening Hours of the early hour Pharmacy 营业时间 Jam Niaga:

You may contact us in person at our pharmacy in Kepong Baru as early as 7.15 am. 您可早早在上午7点15分在甲洞卫星市的药房亲自与我们联系。

Day of Week 星期几Time we Open 开门时 Jam BukaTime we Close 关门时 Jam Tutup
Monday 星期一7.15 am6.00 pm
Tuesday 星期二7.15 am6.00 pm
Wednesday 星期三7.15 am6.00 pm
Thursday 星期四7.15 am6.00 pm
Friday 星期五7.15 am6.00 pm
Saturday 星期六7.15 am5.00 pm
Sunday or
Public Holidays 星期日或公假
7.15 am1.00 pm
As for on impromptu Holidays Announced by Authority or any special event, please call 018 874 8273 to confirm

Contact Address 地址 Alamat:

Farmasi 727,

Seriq Medical Supplies Sendirian Berhad

11, Lorong Camar (Jalan 75) ,

off Jalan Camar,

Kepong Baru,

52100 Kuala Lumpur,


Telephone Numbers To Contact us 联系电话 Talifon:

Please use the following telephone numbers during our open hours.

  • 603-6274 6273 and 
  • 6018-874 8273 (Both are active when our store is open)
  • Whatsapp Messaging  :   018-874 8273

Contact Email 联系邮箱:

  1. [email protected], and
  2. [email protected]

Website 网站 :


Contact Location Map Farmasi Awal Pagi Kepong 位置地图:

Look for the BIG RED BALOON, please!

Contact Form 联系表格 Borang Hubungan:

Please type in your message in the box . It can be in English, Chinese (华文) and Malay (Melayu). Please don’t forget to state your E-mail or contact telephone number. This is the place where you can introduce your ideas and products as well as ask us questions on our products and services and seek our advice.

    We, Farmasi 727 est. since 1985 welcome your message

    Main signboard - contact us early pharmacy in Kepong
    Main Signboard 主要招牌
    Contact Us Early Pharmacy Kepong
    We put up Direction Sign
    Boards high up onto several lamp posts or street posts nearby, to help you to find Us 我们竖起了方向标志
    Farmasi Awal Kepong
    Our signboard in our back-lane, might help you much to locate us 我们在后巷的招牌,可能会对您找到我们有很大帮助.
    when contact us the early pharmacy- Farmasi Awal - in Kepong baru in the evening
    When it lights up in the evening 华灯初上

    Please go to OUR LOBBY of FARMASI AWAL 727 Kepong Baru 请到我们的大厅 Sila KE LOBI