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Our Calendar Cover for Farmasi 727 of Year 2020 Featuring Spirulina

We celebrate every year by giving away free calendar showing dates of horse-race events. As sample, here is our calendar cover for our Farmasi 727 for the year 2020. We used the image of spirulina.  Please grab 1 or 2 copies at our store in December every year.

Our Farmasi 727 2010 CALENDAR COVER

We promote only what we believe in.


In year 2020, as an opportunity, we chose to feature spirulina. Generally speaking, it is a superfood, according to mounting research. Thanks to its strong anti-oxidant and ant-inflammation effects, spirulina has a host of beneficial actions:

  • Firstly, it notably reduces a major form of fats in our blood stream.

  • Secondly, there is an increase in blood level of good cholesterol.

  • Thirdly, there is a decrease in blood levels of total-cholesterol together with its bad components. As a result, it dampens the risk of  heart diseases.

  • Fourthly , it raises the amount of factors which regulates the productions of  our body defense components.

  • Last but not least, after adequate supplementation, patients see significant reliefs in the symptoms of allergy, running nose, sneezing, congestion of nose and etc.,

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