Older Person Supports Equipment

Older Person Supports / Care Equipment / Device

If you have older or persons who have a disability, to care for, you can look up at our store in Kepong which comes with a wide range of Older Person Supports / Care Equipment or Device.

These are  equipment  for functional needs for

  • personal daily hygiene and cleanliness,
  • mobility aid to increase their ability to move around;
  • safety when moving around;
  • bedsore or pressure sore  of any origin;

for the older persons and the persons with a disability.

Besides these, they also include some tools which amplifies sound as aids for those who are hard of hearing. Their hardness of hearing can be of mild to high levels. By the way these sound amplifiers are ever changing and improving for the better from time to time.

In addition to just selling older person support equipment products in Kepong Baru, we also welcome your asking for ideas for instance. what to buy and what not; what are the equipment that are best suited to certain functional needs of the older persons.  We are also willing to give advice on how to replace old parts and offer certain tips on how to make the best use of the devices as well as how to maintain the equipment so that it can last longer.

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