Hearing Aids 耳聋助听器

Hearing Aids 耳聋助听器 Alat Bantu Pendengaran

Farmasi 727 in Kepong Baru Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia took to the sale and service of Hearing aids and Sound Amplifiers 耳聋助听器 plus their accessories since year 1990.  ‘Alat Bantu Pendengaran”, we call them in Bahasa Malaysia.

Now, access to hearing aids is easier. Also, you can try before buying.

Our hearing aids or sound amplifiers belong to the Full-Digital type. Peers further classify hearing aids into several kinds namely (1) Behind The Ear, (2) Right in Ear, (3) Complete In Ear and etc. We also sells their accessories, too. These includes batteries, drying boxes.

Most of our items have international certifications including CE and ISO.

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