Wheelchairs Kepong K Lumpur

Farmasi 727, at Kepong Baru Open-Air Market, K Lumpur has been in wheelchair business since 1985. We can help you with the specific features of wheelchair you want:

  • Standard, Lightweight (About 10 kilogram) , Extra /super Large, Transit ,

Reclining, Coming with Commode,

  • Material: iron or alloy, PVC or cloth
  • Whether the footrests or armrests are detachable or able to be flipped-up, back rest can be folded down, and
  • Sizes of the wheels of the wheelchair. or whether they are easily detachable without any tools.

We can also advises you on the spare part replacements.

We are happy to help you to cut unnecessary costs and obtain value for money.

We give information on wheelchairs and showcase them in our store at Kepong Baru, K Lumpur free of charge.

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