DaXxo 4PLY Surgical Mask

Both versions of Daxxo 4 ply face masks


Specific Features of DaXxo 4PLY Surgical Mask:

DaXxo 4PLY Surgical Mask is available to you near Kepong Baru with quick service.

Manufacturer wraps each piece individually for hygiene purpose.
it is soft and hence provides comfort to skin.
breathable material & comfortable to use
has high elasticity ear loop
food grade color, comes in 3 different color Black, White, and Dark Blue
Last but not least, Surgical 4-ply Face Mask has the registration as medical device with Ministry of Health of Malaysia (see photo)
One thing, the process of making Care4U KF99+ Surgical 4ply Mask involves a fully automated production line. Thereby this line can be with zero human contact. Furthermore, it is in a clean room by pharmaceutical standard. What with these two environmental measures, the manufacturer can therefore makes sure that the only one object that touches your face mask is the own hand of yours as an user.

In this problem-solving way, the manufacturer produces DaXxo 4PLY Surgical Mask in a truly sterile as well as safe procedure.

Product Information
Brand: DaXxo

DaxXo Mask comes in 2 designs:

(1) KF99+ in packing of 25 pieces per box.

(2) Conventional in packing of 50 pieces per box

The color choices of both design aboce are:

  • white
  • blue and
  • black

DaxXo Mask is another product of U Care Protection Industries Sdn Bhd. Malaysia

Storage: keep in a cool dry place below 30 degree. Keep out of the reach of children

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