Sound Link Electric Drying Case for Hearing Aid 助听器干燥器 Kotak Pengeringan


Farmasi 727, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur offers easy access to electric drying case/box which is valuable to hearing aid users, “干燥器” “Kotak Pengeringan”. To make hearing aid last longer, maintain it dry. But  ever moist ear canal & humid climate create need of a drying case designed to the rescue.


Sound Link Electric Drying Case for Hearing Aid 助听器干燥器 Kotak Pengeringan

Sound Link Electric Drying Case /Box for Hearing Aid 吉隆坡 助听器干燥器 is up in Farmasi 727, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We call it “助听器干燥器” in Mandarin. “Kotak Pengeringan”, we named it in Bahasa. This offers you easier access to the valuable box which is a must for hearing aid users .

To make your hearing aid last longer, you have to maintain it dry most of the time. However, the ever moist ear canal and the external wet climate makes the task difficult. So we need a drying case specifically designed to the rescue.

Model of Sound Link Electric Drying Case:

Aid 200

Mechanism of action of The Sound Link Electric Drying Case

A heating plate is located at the bottom of the box. On top of it is a piece of perforated board. It is for you to place the hearing aid device on before drying.

As the heating plate heats up, it creates hot air. Hot air goes up through the tiny holes of the perforated board by convection. In turn, it surrounds the hearing aid on the perforated board.  Eventually, it dries up and evaporates away any moisture occurring on the hearing aid.

Important Notice of Electric Drying Case/box for Hearing Aid

  • Maximum Drying Time is 12 hours
  • Mop up all the dirt and water stains on the hearing aid which you want to dry up.
  • When drying, always leave the battery chamber of the hearing aid open.
  • Do not enclose the drying box while at work in a tight and closed compartment.
  • Upon finishing of the drying job, pull out the electric plug from the electricity supply socket.
  • Do not on your own repair or alter or tamper with the drying box.

Electric Drying Case/box for Hearing Aid Model Aid 200  Kepong Kuala Lumpur, pls check our our other hearing aids products.

Kepong Baru where we sell Electric Drying Case/Box for hearing Aid 助听器干燥器 is located at north east of Kuala Lumpur.