Extra Large Wheelchair Soma Kepong


Light Weight Big super Size  Wheelchair For Heavy weight user. Strong and reputable brand: Soma.  Strong structure and light weight by using special alloy. Extra Large Wheelchair Soma Kepong. Can detach footrests & armrests to remove obstacles & save space when needed.



Extra Large Wheelchair Soma Brand Available in Kepong

Extra Large Wheelchair of Soma Brand is now available near you at Farmasi 727 in Kepong Baru morning wet market. It is particularly suitable to big-sized persons. Naturally, super-sized or big-sized persons could find sitting tightly on ordinary-sized wheelchairs a bit uncomfortable . So, be kind to them by getting them a bigger one, which is Soma Brand Extra Large Wheelchair

Comparing Extra Large Wheelchair with the ordinary helps to transfer and move around  big size persons.

  • hence its size is notably bigger than the ordinary ones.

  • Heavy duty it is.  For it comes with  strong frame which can withstand weights.

  • The armrests are not too high to rest on so that the user won’t have to lift his/her elbows overly high. This will avoid unwanted unnatural posture  while sitting in this wheelchair.

  • Extra Large Soma Agile Brand wheelchair

    Comparing Extra Large Wheelchair with the ordinary

    Comparing Extra Large Wheelchair Soma Brand also available in Kepong with the ordinary

    offers flip-back armrest and swing-away footrests.  Just pressing a button so  you can open up the footrests.  Subsequently one will be on one’s feet without hindrance . As a result this will make it easier for the user to  transfer from bedside onto it . And vice versa too.

  • One can choose between the attendant-propelled mode  i.e. with someone else at the back to push the wheelchair for you, or

  • mode using self-propelled wheels ( the user uses his arms to move the wheels to move around).

  • Manufacturer crash-tested it ,

  • and weights only 12-14 kg.

  • Seat width is 54cm and seat length is 47cm. and 

  • Seat height is 20 inches or 51cm.

  • It supports up to 125 kg of user’s body-weight

  • Biggest size available in Malaysia market.

  • Outstation delivery is available

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