Forearm Walker 前臂平台助行架 kerangka berjalan platform lengan bawah dengan sandaran siku mendatar

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Forearm Walker w Forearm Elbow Press Platform  老年人等用的 前臂 助行架 is available in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. It helps users to walk more steadily with forearms & elbows resting on horizontal pads off loading some of their body weight from their legs.

* Anodized aluminum frame.
* Comfortable padded armrests.
* With vertical handgrips.

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Farmasi 727 in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur is selling a Forearm Walker 前臂 助行架 . It may help you walk better. It has a special platform for your forearms that experts designed. This is especially useful for people who can’t straighten their elbows or have weak core muscles.

A study found that using the Forearm Walker can improve your posture, take some weight off your legs, and make it easier to walk compared to using a regular walker or your own walking aids. So, if you need help walking and want to improve your posture and balance, you might want to check out the Forearm Walker at Farmasi 727 in Kuala Lumpur.

Specification of Forearm Walker

  • Forearm Walker is a type of walker and rollator made of anodized aluminum frame in silver color.
  • It is designed for stroke patients who cannot straighten their elbows and need armrests to stand upright.
  • The walker is lightweight at 4.5kg but can support up to 135kg.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors and comes with comfortable padded armrests.
  • The product name is Aluminum 4 leg Walker With Forearm Platform Armrest.
  • Enhanced Stability and Support: Forearm platformed walking frames can offer increased stability and support compared to standard walking frames or crutches. The horizontal elbow armrests provide a platform for individuals to rest their forearms, distributing weight and reducing strain on the hands and wrists. This design can be particularly beneficial for individuals with limited grip strength or upper body stability.,
  • Customizability and Adjustability: Many forearm platformed walking frames come with adjustable features to accommodate individual preferences and requirements. These may include adjustable height settings, armrest angles, and handgrip positions, allowing users to find a comfortable and personalized fit.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: The design of forearm platformed walking frames aims to provide improved ergonomics and comfort compared to traditional walking aids. By distributing weight across the forearms and reducing pressure on the hands, these frames can help individuals maintain a more natural and comfortable walking posture.

Forearm platformed walking frames with horizontal elbow armrests offer several advantages over traditional walking frames:

  1. Enhanced Stability: The horizontal elbow armrests provide a stable platform for individuals to rest their forearms, which can improve overall stability during walking. This design can be particularly beneficial for individuals with balance issues or lower body weakness.
  2. Reduced Strain on Hands and Wrists: By utilizing the forearm platform and horizontal elbow armrests, the weight is distributed across the forearms rather than being concentrated on the hands and wrists. This can help reduce strain and discomfort on these areas, making it more comfortable for individuals with hand or wrist pain or limited grip strength.
  3. Improved Posture and Ergonomics: Forearm platformed walking frames encourage a more upright posture while walking. The armrests provide support and promote a natural arm swing, which can help maintain proper body alignment and reduce strain on the back and shoulders.
  4. Increased Mobility and Independence: The stability and support offered by forearm platformed walking frames enable individuals to navigate various terrains more confidently. This can enhance their mobility and independence, allowing them to engage in daily activities with greater ease.
  5. Customizable and Adjustable: Many forearm platformed walking frames come with adjustable features, such as height adjustments and armrest angles, allowing for a customized fit based on individual preferences and requirements. This adaptability ensures optimal comfort and usability for the user.
  6. Rehabilitation and Recovery: Forearm platformed walking frames are often recommended for individuals undergoing rehabilitation after an injury, surgery, or stroke. They provide a secure and supportive aid for regaining strength, balance, and mobility during the recovery process.
  7. User-Friendly Design: The forearm platformed walking frames are generally designed to be user-friendly, with features that facilitate ease of use. This includes accessible handgrips, lightweight construction, and maneuverability, making them suitable for individuals of different ages and abilities.

Farmasi 727 di Kuala Lumpur menawarkan untuk menjual Forearm Walker kepada anda dengan mudah – 前臂 助行器 助行架 吉隆玻.

Forearm Walker dalam Bahasa Malaysia:

  • Pakar telah reka bentuk Forearm Walker dengan menambahkan platform siku lengan bawah. Alat ini sangat berguna untuk mereka yang tidak boleh meluruskan siku atau mempunyai otot core yang lemah.
  • Satu kajian penjaga menunjukkan bahawa penggunaan Forearm Walker dapat meningkatkan postur badan, mengurangkan beban dari bahagian kaki, dan meningkatkan kecekapan berjalan dibandingkan dengan penggunaan walker biasa atau alat jalan sendiri.
  • Jadi, jika anda memerlukan bantuan untuk berjalan dan ingin meningkatkan postur dan keseimbangan anda, anda boleh mencuba Forearm Walker di Farmasi 727 di Kuala Lumpur.
  • Forearm Walker adalah jenis walker dan rollator yang diperbuat daripada bingkai aluminium anodized berwarna perak.
  • Ia direka untuk pesakit strok yang tidak dapat meluruskan siku mereka dan memerlukan sandaran tangan untuk berdiri tegak.
  • Walker ini ringan dengan berat 4.5kg tetapi dapat menampung berat hingga 135kg.
  • Ia boleh digunakan di dalam dan di luar rumah dan dilengkapi dengan sandaran tangan yang empuk.
  • Nama produknya ialah Aluminum 4 leg Walker With Forearm Platform Armrest.

Forearm Walker In Chinese 华文:

  • 吉隆坡的Farmasi 727提供方便出售前臂助行器 – 前臂助行架。
  • 专家设计了前臂助行器,增加了前臂肘部支撑平台。这对于那些不能伸直手肘或因脊椎核心肌肉虚弱而需要更好的平衡的人尤其有用。
  • 一项照顾者研究发现,使用基于前臂支撑的助行器可使身体保持直立姿势,减轻下肢的负重,并在行走时提高步态效率,与使用常规助行器或个人的助行器相比有更好的效果。
  • 因此,如果您需要帮助行走并想要改善姿势和平衡,您可以前往吉隆坡的Farmasi 727了解前臂助行器。


  • 前臂助行器是铝阳极氧化框架制成的行走器和轮式助行器,颜色为银色。
  • 它专为不能伸直肘部且需要扶手才能直立的中风患者设计。
  • 行走器重量轻,仅4.5kg,但可支撑135kg的重量。
  • 它可在室内和室外使用,并配有舒适的衬垫扶手。
  • 产品名称为“Aluminum 4 leg Walker With Forearm Platform Armrest”。


forearm-walker a walking frame w wheels and forearmrest platforms


When you buy walker,

  • Look for lightweight walkers with stable bases and easy-to-grip handles.
  • Choose walkers with no protruding bolts or nuts to avoid accidental skin injuries.
  • Quality rubber-tips prevent slipping, especially in moist areas like kitchens and toilets.
  • Farmasi 727 sells the Forearm Walker in Kuala Lumpur’s Kepong Baru Open-Air Market since 1985.


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