Forearm Walker


Forearm Walker w Forearm Elbow Press Platform  老年人等用的 助行架 available in Kuala Lumpur helps users to walk more steadily with forearms & elbows resting on horizontal pads off loading some of their body weight from their legs.

* Anodized aluminum frame.
* Comfortable padded armrests.
* With vertical handgrips.


Forearm Walker

Farmasi 727 in Kuala Lumpur offers to sell to you Forearm Walker at your convenience – 前臂 助行器 助行架 吉隆玻.

Experts design Forearm Walker by adding a forearm elbow press platform.  It is especially for those who either cannot straighten their elbows or need better balancing due to weak core muscles at their vertebrates.

A  caretaker study concludes that using the forearm support-based LW led to upright body posture, offloaded portions of body weight from their lower limbs, and improved gait efficiency during ambulation in comparison to the SR and the participants’ own PD.

Specification of Forearm Walker

  • Type: Walker & Rollator
  • Material: Anodized aluminum frame
  • Color: silver
  • Function: Available with walker frame
  • Feature: Comfortable padded armrests
  • Usage: indoor & outdoor
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Capacity: 135kg
  • Product Name: Aluminum 4 leg Walker With Forearm Platform Armrest
  • It is for some stroke patients who could not straighten their elbows to go pressing down  onto  other kinds of walker to stand upright.
forearm-walker a walking frame w wheels and forearmrest platforms

Forearm Walker Malaysia with Forearm Elbow Press Platform for those who cannot or too weak to straighten their elbows or for those who are not able to  turn their  palms  facing down on the frame for balancing.

Pointer :  When looking for walkers, remember to choose ones with the following features:

  • light weight hence to help walking about with least physical strength and exertions
  • no protruding bolts and nuts which might accidentally  cause wounds on the skin on accidental rubbings.
  • base of the walking frame wide is  enough to  provide stability and hence  tends not to topple.
  • the handles of the walking frame are  easy to grip with comfort.
  • not rusting is a bonus when users frequent moist areas like kitchen and toilets.
  • quality rubber-tips at the legs  to provide adequate  static friction with  the floor to prevent slips and skids
Please note that Farmasi 727 which sells Forearm Walker 吉隆玻 前臂 助行架  in Kuala Lumpur was established since 1985.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg

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