I-VISOO EYE CAPSULES by Janipro available in Kepong ,KL for aging eyes , 眼睛老化, Penuaan mata

Janipro I-VISOO Eyes Capsules


Farmasi 727 affords you the convenience of grabbing Janipro I-VISOO Eyes Capsules nearby in Kepong, KL, M’sia. It works to protect eyes with the protective actions of its lutein and zeaxanthin. Also, it has registration with Ministry of Health manufactured under license of Janipro Australia Pte Ltd.

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Janipro I-VISOO Eyes Capsules

If you are looking for Janipro I-VISOO Eyes Capsules, you can as a choice, contact Farmasi 727 in Kepong Baru Open-Air Market, Kuala Lumpur.

So, does I-VISOO capsules really work to protect eyes of the aged?

According to studies, its ingredients, which include Lutein and Zeaxanthin have the protective actions on our human eyes.

Each 500mg I-VISOO Capsules contains:

  • Marigold flower extract which yields 10mg lutein and  2mg Zeaxanthin
  • 300mg Goji fruit extract, as well as
  • 15mg Zinc

Brief mechanism of action of Lutein:

Health workforce knows that lutein together with its relatives tends to accumulate in the eyes. What with its content of lutein, I-Visoo Capsules can thus filter away the harmful high energy blue lights coming in from the front. As a result, they therefore get to protect the cells at the retina, which is at the back of the eyes from oxidative stress (1)(2)

In medical field, the eye disorder affecting mostly the elderly is AMRD or age-related macular degeneration. And they are of two possible separate types. As it turns out, only one of them is responsive to dietary help. This is where supplementation of lutein or zeaxanthin like I-Visoo Capsules lives up to its role of helping by protecting their eyes. (3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)

Janipro I-Visoo Lutein zeaxanthin

Janipro I-Visoo Capsules 60's

Janipro I-Visoo Lutein zeaxanthin

I-Visoo Capsules

I-visoo eye capsuls Janipro

Janipro I-Visoo Lutein zeaxanthin

Janipro I-Visoo Capsules 60's

Visoo Caps

Janipro I-Visoo Capsules 60's

List of references from human studies supporting the protective actions of I-VISOO Capsules:

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Product Certification:

  1. Janipro Sdn. Bhd.(838162-X) registered I-VISOO Capsules with Malaysia Ministry of Health.
  2. Manufacturer is producing I-VISOO Capsules under license from Janipro Pte Ltd(ACN627138934)

For your convenience, I-VISOO Capsules has the following product-support channels:

Janipro Careline: +60125687822

Email: [email protected]


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