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Pedal  exerciser ( 脚踏运动器 ) particularly for stroke or injured patients is available at Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur.


Pedal  exerciser ( 脚踏运动器 ) particularly for stroke or injured patients is available at Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

Pedal exercisers are tools that you can use to move your legs like you’re pedaling a bicycle while sitting down. They’re helpful for different types of people:

  1. Stoke patients: A stroke is when there’s a problem in the brain that can affect how the body moves. Using pedal exercisers as a kind of exercise can be good for stroke patients. It can help their legs get stronger. Also, it helps them practice moving their legs in a safe way. It’s like a gentle exercise that can make them feel better over time.
  2. Older Folks: If you’re an older person and it’s hard for you to move around a lot, use a pedal exerciser. It can help keep your legs in good shape.
  3. People Getting Better from Sickness or Injury: If you’re getting better after an operation or when you’re healing from an injury, use these pedal exercisers.  It can gently help your legs become strong again.
  4. Office Workers: If your job mostly involves sitting at a desk, you can use these exercisers under your desk to do some easy exercise while you work. This is useful because sitting a lot is not so good for our bodies.
  5. People with Not Much Space: These exercisers are small, so even if you don’t have a big room, you can use them.
  6. People Who Want Light Exercise: If you’re not looking for really hard workouts, use these exercisers. They are good for you because they’re not too tough.
  7. People with Leg Problems: If your legs sometimes feel tired or you have issues with blood circulation. Use these exercisers. It can help make your legs feel better.
  8. Anyone Who Wants to Move: Basically, if you want to do some exercise without making it a big deal, these exercisers are good for you.

Special features of exerciser:

  • small in size, makes it easier to store anywhere in the house.
  • light in weight, easy to move from storage room to living room.
  • you can adjust the speed and force of how fast you want to peddle.



  • peddle is in black
  • frame is in white

Product Information of  Pedal Exerciser:

Brand: Esco Sdn Bhd

Made in Taiwan

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