Good night with a dreamy bed of oat flower , lavender & lime flower

Thanks to Pukka Night Time organic tea 夜茶


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Is Pukka Night Time organic tea near me in Kepong Kuala Lumpur? Yes, at Farmasi 727 Kepong Baru Open Air Market. Also, Free Delivery to West Malaysia.

Yes, Pukka Night Time organic tea is available near you and me in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. You can find it at Farmasi 727, located in Kepong Baru Open Air Wet Market, Kuala Lumpur. Farmasi 727 also offers free delivery to West Malaysia, making it convenient for you to enjoy this tea.

Pukka Night Time is a soothing blend that creates a dreamy experience with its combination of oat flower, lavender, and lime flower.

The Pukka Night Time tea contains the following ingredients:

  • Oat Flowering tops (30%)
  • Chamomile flower
  • Licorice root
  • Lavender flower (14%)
  • Lime flower (10%)
  • Tulsi leaf
  • Valerian root

All the ingredients used in Pukka Night Time tea are naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, ensuring a high-quality and sustainable product.

Each box of Pukka Night Time contains 20 herbal tea sachets, with a net weight of 20g per box.

To prepare the tea, simply dip a sachet in freshly boiled water and let it steep for approximately 15 minutes.

This duration allows for the extraction of the tea's soluble constituents and principles, ensuring a flavorful and beneficial experience.

Pukka Night Time tea meets various recognized standards and certifications, including:

  • Soil Association Organic Non-UK Agriculture
  • G8-ORG-05 EU/Non-EU/Agriculture
  • Fair Wild
  • Fair for Life/Fair Trade
  • Certified B Corporation

Pukka Herbs Ltd., located at The Herb House, Keynsham, BS31 2GN, United Kingdom, takes pride in being the manufacturer of Pukka Night Time organic tea. The importer and distributor of this tea in Malaysia is Dry Cut Sdn Bhd, based in 68100 Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoy the relaxing and organic goodness of Pukka Night Time tea, available to you conveniently in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

Chinese  Translation of Pukka Night Time

是的,在吉隆坡甲洞的Farmasi 727 Kepong Baru Open Air Wet Market附近,您和我都可以购买到 Pukka Night Time 夜间有机茶。此外,Farmasi 727还提供西马免费送货服务。

Pukka Night Time 夜间有机茶的成分包括燕麦花、洋甘菊花、甘草根、薰衣草花(14%)、椴树花(10%)、印度圣罗勒叶和缬草根。这些成分都是天然无咖啡因且经过道德采购的。

每盒 Pukka Night Time 夜间有机茶有20个草药茶袋,净重20克。准备茶水的方法是将一个茶袋放入刚煮沸的水中浸泡约15分钟,以提取茶的可溶性成分和特性。

Pukka Night Time 夜间有机茶符合多个公认的标准和认证,包括Soil Association有机非英国农业、G8-ORG-05欧盟/非欧盟/农业、Fair Wild、公平生活/公平贸易和Certified B Corporation。

Pukka Night Time 夜间有机茶的生产商是位于英国Keynsham的Pukka Herbs有限公司。而在马来西亚,Pukka夜间有机茶的进口商和分销商是位于68100吉隆坡的Dry Cut私人有限公司。

您可以方便地在吉隆坡甲洞的Farmasi 727购买 Pukka Night Time 夜间有机茶,尽情享受其令人放松和有机的好处。

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