Farmasi 727 sells SFN10 NAIL FUNGUS SOLUTION in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur 指甲癣 . SFN10 is special. It seeps deeply into bad nails & stops fungus forcibly.



Farmasi 727 in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur affords you to grab SFN10 NAIL FUNGUS SOLUTION at your convenience. 甲癣水 SFN10 penetrates deeply well into the infected nails. With its adhesive occlusive coating, it forms an acidic environment so well that the existing fungus is not able to grow further.

About Fungal Infection of Nail:

Fungal infection of the nail usually starts at the sides of it. Initially it gives dark patch around there. The fungus then keeps on spreading on further into under the nail. This makes the horny layer thicker and easy to break into pieces. Often, as this advances further, the nail becomes partially or even completely detached. For this, pain and discomfort arise.

Ingredients of SFN10:

Action of SFN10:

Together with its adhesive barrier which it is forming, the active ingredients of AFN10 maintain an strong acidic environment inside the nails, even right to the innermost spaces of it. Hence, this stops the fungus from reproducing. Our affected fingers or toes will then start to be producing normal good looking nails again, replacing the outgoing discolored and disfigured bad nails

How to use SFN10?

  1. Clean the nail. Remove any nail varnish.
  2. Apply SFN10 all over the nail and under the outer edge using the brush.
  3. Wait for SFN10 to dry up first before you put on stockings or shoes.
  4. Apply SFN10 at least two times per day. Follow this daily routine regularly until the nail is one hundred percent healed.


  • SFN10 is for external use only.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of unwanted contact with the eyes, rinse it away completely with water.
  • Keep away from children


  • Keep in a cool place;
  • Away from moisture, heat and light
  • Be sure to distance from the sources of heat namely, fire, oven.
  • Close the bottle tight after opening it to avoid drying up the SFN10 solution.

SFN10 is in the classification of medical device. It duly has the  registration with the Medical Device Agent of Malaysia. In addition,  Crab Sinergy Srl is manufacturing it in the manner which is in compliance with Directive93/42/CEE and thus obtains a classification with this directive.