In Search of A Super Light Weight Wheelchair

Karma Super Lightweight Wheelchair is available in Farmasi727 Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Karma Super Lightweight Wheelchair Kepong


Karma Super Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair SOMA215 specifications:

  • compact, easy transit and lightweight (only 10kg)
  • attendant-propelled or self-propelled
  • equipped with a swing away foot-rest
  • compact size with foldable backrest
  • convenient to carry and travel
  • fit into the trunk of a sedan
  • can hold user max weight up to 100kg

Karma Super or Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair in Kepong

For anyone looking for Super or Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, it is available at Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru Open Air Market, Kuala Lumpur. It is Karma Super Lightweight Wheelchair SOMA215. Its frame, above all, consists of aluminum alloy. This thus makes the wheelchair ultra lightweight.

Worth to note: our manufacturer specially offers 2 years warranty for the frame.

 General Features:

  • compact as well as lightweight. It is only 10.5 Kg. It therefore makes transit easy
  • Also, it is collapsible. Hence it saves space when not in use.
  • The users can push the wheelchair around by themselves without the help of another person.
  • Manufacturer equips it with swing-away footrests. So, user can remove the hindrance of the footrests in front of them with ease when necessary.
  • Comes with backrests which can fold backward. In this way, we can keep it in a smaller space.
  • Convenient to carry around and travel.
  • Fit into the trunk of a sedan car.
  • Can hold user of body weight up to 100kg


  • upholstery is in black
  • frame is in yellow

Specific features:

  • comes with pedals that helps caregiver in an easier way to push the wheelchair over a heap or edge
  • we can just take out the seat to clean by just taking off two screws.
  • The footrests in front of the wheelchair can at times be a hindrance or a hurdle to get over, manufacturer therefore designs in such a way so that the users can easily swing them away to the sides neatly when necessary. In fact, the design is patented.
  • One of the lightest wheelchairs in comparison with other wheelchairs of about the same size. It therefore is living up to its name as " Super or Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair "
  • Makes a ride smoother because it can absorb some mechanical shocks by design.

Product Information:

Brand: Karma Super Lightweight Wheelchair by Karma Mobility Malaysia Sdn Bhd.


Length (panjang) 72cm or 28 inches with footrests flipped back

Width (Lebar) 58cm 0r 22.5 inches (bug wheels included)

Weight (Berat): 10.6 Kg

Karma Super Lightweight Wheelchair is yet another product of Taiwan.

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Additional information

Weight10.70 kg
Dimensions when open

length 72cm or 28 inches with footrests flipped back
width 58cm 0r 22.5 inches ( bug wheels included)
Weight : 10.6kg