Patient Transfer Lift Wheelchair with Hydraulic pump 液压转移升降轮椅


Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur is introducing the Ultimate Patient Transfer Hydraulic Lift WheelChair.  It is to be Your Trusted Partner in Safe and Seamless Transfers.


Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur is introducing the Ultimate Patient Transfer Hydraulic Lift WheelChair 液压转移升降轮椅 .  It is to be Your Trusted Partner in Safe and Seamless Transfers.

Are you in search of a solution to simplify patient transfers while ensuring utmost comfort and safety? Look no further than our state-of-the-art Patient Lift Wheelchair. It being equipped with a powerful hydraulic lift system that makes lifting and transferring patients a breeze is the reason

What features we should consider when comparing Transfer Lift Wheelchairs?

  • the size of hydraulic chamber: the bigger will be longer lasting
  • the size and quality  of the caster wheels:  larger and better will be more robust.
  • Foldable or not ?
  • Are the backrests and armrests coming with good cushion or not?

Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur memperkenalkan Ultimate Patient Transfer Hydraulic Lift Wheelchair 液压转移升降轮椅. Ia adalah Rakan Terpercaya Anda dalam Pemindahan yang Selamat dan Lancar.

Adakah anda mencari penyelesaian untuk menyederhanakan pemindahan pesakit sambil memastikan keselesaan dan keselamatan maksimum? Jangan cari lagi melainkan pada Kerusi Roda Pengangkutan Pesakit berteknologi tinggi kami. Dengan sistem angkat hidraulik yang kuat, ia menjadikan angkutan dan pemindahan pesakit menjadi mudah.

Apa ciri-ciri yang perlu dipertimbangkan apabila membandingkan Kerusi Roda Pengangkutan?

  • Saiz bilik hidraulik: semakin besar akan lebih tahan lama.
  • Saiz dan kualiti roda pemusing: lebih besar dan lebih baik akan lebih kukuh.
  • Boleh dilipat atau tidak?
  • Adakah sandaran belakang dan tangan dilengkapi dengan kusyen yang baik atau tidak?

Farmasi 727,吉隆坡甲洞巴鲁引进了 Ultimate Patient Transfer Hydraulic Lift Wheelchair 液压转移升降轮椅。它将是您在安全和顺畅转移方面的值得信赖的伙伴。



  • 液压室的大小:越大越持久。
  • 转向轮的大小和质量:越大越好将更为坚固。
  • 可折叠与否?
  • 背靠和扶手是否配有良好的坐垫

Key Features of our Ultimate Patient Transfer Hydraulic Lift Wheelchair:

Effortless Transfers:
    • Manufacturer designs our patient lift wheelchair with precision to facilitate smooth as well as  effortless transfers from bed to chair, chair to commode, or any other seated position. Thanks to the integrated hydraulic lift, you can effortlessly elevate or lower the patient with ease. This hence eliminates the need for strenuous manual lifting.
Hydraulic Power:
    • The hydraulic lift system provides reliable as well as controlled lifting and lowering. As a result, this ensures the safety and comfort of both the caregiver and the patient. The hydraulic mechanism is easy to operate, allowing precise adjustments to suit individual needs.
Safe and Secure:
    • Safety is paramount, and our lift chair doesn’t compromise. Equipped with sturdy yet lightweight materials, robust locking mechanisms, and a hydraulic system designed for stability. With this, it offers unparalleled safety during transfers.
Comfort Redefined:
    • We understand the importance of comfort for those in need of assistance. Our patient transfer lift chair features a plush, ergonomic seat with customizable positioning options to guarantee comfort throughout the transfer process.
Easy Maneuverability:
    • Built with caregiver convenience in mind, manufacturer equips our transfer lift chair with smooth-rolling wheels and an intuitive control panel, making it a breeze to navigate tight spaces or crowded environments.
Built to Last:
    • Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, our patient lift wheelchair comes with designs to withstand the rigors of daily use, including the hydraulic lift system, ensuring it remains a dependable and long-lasting addition to your caregiving arsenal.
Versatile Design:
    • This versatile chair is suitable for use in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, or within the home. Its adaptability makes it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals and caregivers alike.
User-Friendly Controls:
    • The intuitive control panel allows caregivers to operate the lift chair with ease, ensuring a seamless as well as stress-free transfer experience for patients.
Patient Dignity:
    • We understand the importance of maintaining patient dignity during transfers. Our lift chair is designed to minimize discomfort and maximize privacy, and the hydraulic lift system ensures a smooth and gentle transition.

Make patient transfers a simple, safe, and comfortable process for both caregivers and patients with the added convenience of a hydraulic lift system. Experience the difference with our Patient Lift Wheelchair and transform the way you care for your loved ones or patients. Elevate their comfort, mobility, and quality of life with this essential piece of equipment.

Contact us for your Patient Transfer Lift Wheelchair with Hydraulic Lift 液压转移升降轮椅  from Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru,  Kuala Lumpur.  This is to discover the freedom to move with ease and confidence, all while ensuring the utmost safety and comfort.