Wide Base Rubber Tip for Walking Stick


Farmasi 727, Kepong KL sells Wide Base Rubber tip for walking stick 宽底座橡胶头顶端 The base is broader than that of conventional ones hencecan rest standing on it own and longer lasting  全面灵活 均匀磨损 耐久防滑 自站


Farmasi 727 affords you the easy get of Wide Base Rubber Tip for walking stick in Kepong 52100 KL 宽底座橡胶头顶端  (全面灵活 均匀磨损 耐久防滑 自站)

  • 6 鼎拐杖橡胶尖端
  • 全面灵活, 均匀磨损
  • 耐久防滑
  • 自我站立


Specific Features of Wide Base Rubber Tip

  • The 6 projections will bent  itself to hug the ground to provide more stability and friction.
  • Wide base rubber tip is an improved version over the conventional one.
  • The conventional one has a narrower base  and it does not  allow the stick to be standing on it own.
  • hexa-support cane tip / rubber tip provides better balance
  • allows cane /walking stick to stand on it own
  • three tier design allows for better traction.
  • If we rotate the this support once every 3 months, it will last at least 3 times longer than the old simple version.
  • Fit into cane or stick with 3/4″ (19cm) diameter tubing
  • Its 6 protrusions are flexible to land flatly on surface – anti-slip and wear evenly.

Price appearing here is for rubber tip only. It therefore does not include that of walking stick attached to it.

Please contact us for any further information.

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