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Uric Acid Foods To Avoid


Uric Acid Foods To Avoid :  Beans?

Are beans some of the uric acid foods to avoid? Let ‘s make it foremost and clear: Uric Acid Control with no beans or avoiding beans in the diet is wrong as you will be short of choices of food to get enough nutrients.
Purines are natural substances in food that your body breaks down into uric acid. Too much uric acid in your blood causes gout . And gout is a condition of joint pain and inflammation and swelling due to undesirable over-accumulation of uric acid in the tissue. It is worth noting that some foods, like organ meats, sardines, and anchovies, have a lot of purines. While they would thus cause flare-ups of gouts, on the other hand, there are  many other healthy options, like beans, lentils, and asparagus would not. For these have less purine content ”

Having limited food choice might lead you to settle for processed carbohydrate like white bread and white-flour pasta. Yes, they have very few purines — but they can make you gain weight. Instead, you should  focus on healthy carbs with a lot of fiber such as oats, sweet potatoes, beans, and vegetables.

So,  just add beans in your diet as usual . Wrong to avoid them.

The above was extracted from an article of WedMd dated October 18 2019

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