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Does Vitamin D Really Help to Prevent Falls of Your Vulnerable Old Persons?

It is important to know whether vitamin D does help to prevent falls.  For these falls could bring about serious complications viz fractures and brain injuries to the victims.

Answer: Falls in the elderly, as well as fall-related adverse effect such as low trauma bone fractures, are events that we may prevent.

Recent data suggest that muscles and the nervous system are among the target organs of vitamin D. Vitamin D, accordingly, participates in the good functional balancing of fast acting muscle fibers, thereby preserving high muscle contraction speed as well as muscle power [3843,56]. 

After conducting a number of  studies on risks of disease of populations over the past 15 years, researchers give rise to an increasing number of arguments. Yet, as it turns out, these arguments are in favor of the actions of vitamin D on muscles and the brain to prevent falls of the elderlies.

Vitamin D as researchers found, improves

(1) the process of gaining posture back to normal,

(2) the action of moving forward, and also

(3) the executive functions as well as moving-about abilities among older adults.

With this, vitamin D supplementation thus determines the performance of the way a person walks.  And accordingly, it prevents the occurrence of falls and hence the bad consequences due to falls among older adults.

Needless to say, giving at least 800 IU of vitamin D daily in elders who have not enough of it, is just a simple treatment. Therefore, as new strategies, we should add as add-ons into the treatments of :

  • gaining back posture to normal,

  • fall prevention,

  • strength-training,

  • integration of nerve-muscle capacities that control movement and posture,

  • automation of gait and,

  • adaptation to the environment.

Can Vitaniin D help to prevent fall?

Vitamin D to Prevent Falls of Your Vulnerable Old

For one thing about the dosage, the risk of falls in the elderly and subsequently, the rate of broken bones appear to be significantly reduced with daily dosage of  700 IU or greater.  For researchers did most researches in the 700-1000 IU range. Bear in mind that lower doses do not appear to be effective. Meanwhile, this with the addition of calcium supplementation, appears to give a greater protective effect. (Vitamin D Supplement — Health Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects | Examine.com)

To substantiate the observation that Vitamin D really has a role in the action to prevent falls, we list below four human studies :

(Note: Examine.com collects the above 4 links)

Disclaimer: As a rule, whatever we post here ” Vitamin D to Prevent Falls ” is for information purposes only. It is not medical and health advice for any condition.
Therefore, before a reader act upon any information we supply here, it is advisable for him/her to seek the advice of licensed health professionals. For no one knows what one does not know. With this, one could possibly miss certain crucial information on “Vitamin D to Prevent Falls ? “.  After all, these trained, registered professionals like pharmacists, nutritionists, dietitians, and others are out over there to help him/her out.
Secondly, the information on “Vitamin D to Prevent Falls” and its relatives, as usual, may change accordingly. It is due to new data might arrive from time to time.
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home » Blogs by Farmasi 727 » health blog » Vitamin D to Prevent Falls of Vulnerable Old

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