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Vitamin E Tocopherol Benefits Proven With Science

Here are three benefits of supplement of vitamin E or Alpha Tocopherol which are proven with studies based on scientific evidence.

(A) Decrease in Liver Enzymes  (ALT)

As a matter of fact, reading of liver enzyme Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) level in a blood test has an important use. That is to look for and gauze the damage which occurs in our liver. This is because when the liver cells encounter damage, they release some amount of a protein called Alanine Aminotransferase into our blood.

In brief, after researchers gave vitamin E in more than 300mg per day for about six months, they saw a notable decrease in both levels of ALT and γ-GPT in recipients particularly with non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD). Furthermore, the decrease might be even more than 50%. Quite another thing, healthy persons in this experiment however did not see this phenomenon during the research studies.

(B) Lessening Severe and Frequent Menstrual Cramps and Pain During Period.

Primarily research has consistently found an improvement at 400-500 IU per day.

(C) Immunity Enhancement in Elderly

When older experimental persons took a low dose of vitamin E, that is in the region between 50 to 200mg per day, their T-cell mediated immunity appears to see an enhancement. This immunity enhancement, however, does not appear to occur in youth.

Disclaimer: As a rule, whatever we post here ” Vitamin E Supplement Benefits with Evidence ”  is for information purposes only. It is not a medical and health advice of any condition. Before a reader act upon any information we supply here, it is advisable for him to seek the advice of licensed health professionals. For no one knows what he does not know. Therefore, one could miss out certain crucial information. After all, these trained, registered professionals like pharmacists, nutritionists, dietitians and others are out over there to help them out. Another thing, as always, the information here on “Vitamin E Benefits with Evidence ” and its relatives may need to update from time to time.

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home » Blogs by Farmasi 727 » health blog » Vitamin E Tocopherol Benefits Proven With Science