ANIRID Maggot Wound Spray 蛆虫伤口喷雾剂


Anirid Maggot Wounds Spray is up in Kepong. Its is valuable in fast healing of maggot wounds and a must spray after castration & surgery.


Anirid Maggot Wound Spray is up in Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru Open-Air Market, Kuala Lumpur.

Anirid 喷雾剂

  • 用于猪,牛,羊,马,狗,猫,兔子等动物的蝇蛆(螺旋虫)溃烂伤口。(物体在被喷洒后会变成蓝色)
  • 它也是用于动物手术伤口的喷雾剂。




如何使用 Anirid?

  1. 先摇匀
  2. 然后每天向伤口及其邻近区域喷洒一次Anirid。
  3. 每天再次喷洒,直到伤口愈合。

Anirid 的预防和警告:



Anirid Maggot Wound Spray is

  • for fly-maggot (screwworm) wounds of animals like pigs, castles, sheep, horses, dogs, cats as well as rabbits. (objects turns blue on being sprayed)
  • It is also a spray for surgical wounds of animals.

These two uses are meant to be in both treatment and prevention mode.

Active ingredient of Anirid Maggot Wound Spray :

Cyphenotrin  0.6% weight over weight

How to use Anirid Maggot Wound Spray?

  1. Shake well first. and
  2. Then spray Anirid once daily on to the wounds and its neighboring areas.
  3. After this spray again every day until the wounds is healed.

Precaution and warning of Anirid Maggot Aerosol:

Avoid contact Anirid Maggot Aerosol with skin or eyes. Stay away from inhalation of the spray mist. Keep away from heat and fire. Do not spray on or spray in the directionof humans, food of food utensils and plastic containers. Since the canister is pressurized,  hence keep the product at temperature below 50 degree centigrade and away from heater or fire.

Do not slaughter animals for food until at least 14days after last spraying.

Review : frequent repeat buyers
Weight: 360g (370ml)

Anirid Maggot Wound Spray Kepong

Healing rate of Anirid Maggot Wound Spray might Amaze You


Besides Anirid Maggot Wound Spray, Farmasi 727  at Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur also sells other animal health products.  Feel free to contact us

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