Commode Shower Chair Walker Combination


Commode Shower Chair Walker Combination is available in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Besides being light and  foldable  轻可摺, it is non-rusting (不锈), functioning as a walker ( 助行器), commode (座便椅), as well as a  shower chair ( 沐浴凳 ).


Farmasi 727 at  Kepong baru, Kuala Lumpur has the ready stock of Commode Shower Chair Walker Combination in 1.

Description of Commode Shower Chair Walker Combination:

One product five functions !

This Commode Shower Chair Walker Combination in 1 has 5 functions:

  1. Walker (Double -rise type — Also known as Double rise  Walking Frame. (User can rise  from sitting;  in 2 stages  instead of the challeging 1 single strenuous step– by holding the pair of lower handles first and  then the upper. ) It has 4 legs with rubber tips which are anti-slip
  2. Commode comes with a plastic bowl  (Option: Can slip onto an exiting toilet bowl)
  3. Shower Chair ( because it is made of non rusting metal)
  4. Toilet Safety Frame (see picture )
  5. Toilet Seat Raiser  (see picture)

As such, this is for those who have difficulty in walking about.

Advantages 优点 Kelebihan of of Commode Shower Walker 5-in-1

  1. Lightweight 轻 Ringan
  2. Non-rusting 不锈 tak-mengarat
  3. fold-able so as to save space 可摺省位 terlipatkan
  4. Can slip onto the existing toilet seat aka wc 
  5. able to slip in and layer onto existing toilet wc as extra support, portable seat- toilet safety frame 支撑架
  6. can be used to raise existing toilet seat 增高垫

                   Dimensions of Device:

  Height 高度  tinggi                     76~96 cm
  Length 长度  panjang                       46cm
  Width 阔度 lebar                       53cm




Pointer A :

How to Choose a suitable commode: If the user needs to use it in a moist surroundings like bathroom or toilet, choose ones which uses non-rusting materials usually aluminum or alloy of aluminum plus.

If the salesperson can’t tell you what  type of the material of  the commode the manufacturer uses , go and  test with  a piece of magnet by putting it near the frame of the commode. An  attraction to it by the frame will tell that the material consists of iron which has a tendency to rust

Pointer B:

If we are looking for a commode after a knee replacement surgical procedure, look for one which is tall enough so as to spare us from having to bend our  newly replaced knee fully when we sit down.

For more information on Commode Shower Chair Walker Combination , please contact us, Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru.