Introducing the Soma Extra Large Wheelchair: A Spacious and Comfortable Seating Option for Big-Sized Individual

Find the Perfect Extra Big Wheelchair in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur: Soma Extra Large Wheelchair with Detachable Footrests and Armrests

Extra Large Wheelchair by Soma Kerusi Roda Super Besar 超大号轮椅

Original price was: RM1,350.00.Current price is: RM989.00.

Extra large or super big wheelchair for persons weighing more than 100kg is available at Farmasi 727, Kepong Baru in Kuala Lumpur.

Additionally, the wheelchair comes with detachable footrests and armrests for bigger clearance and space, making it even more comfortable for individuals weighing over 100kg. 超大号轮椅 Kerusi roda super besar.

Kerusi roda super besar untuk individu yang melebihi 100kg. Ia dilengkapi dengan sandaran kaki dan lengan yang boleh ditanggalkan


Soma producer, Karma Medical Products designs Soma Brand Extra Large Wheelchair with big-sized individuals in mind. If you or someone you know finds regular-sized wheelchairs uncomfortable, our wheelchair offers a more spacious and comfortable seating option.

Features of Soma Extra Large Wheelchair:

  • Furthermore, our Soma Agile Brand Extra Large Wheelchair stands out from ordinary wheelchairs due to its notably bigger size and heavy-duty frame. Thus, it can withstand weights of up to 125kg. As such it gives a reliable and comfortable mobility aid for individuals with larger body frames.

  • Its producer, Karma Medical Products  co., LTD  designs the armrests for comfortable resting, avoiding unnatural posture while seated.

  • The flip-back armrest and swing-away footrests offer easy stepping in and also make it easier to transfer from bedside to chair.

  • You may choose to let the user to propel the wheelchair by themselves or an attendant to do so.

  • The wheelchair weighs only 12-14kg and supports a seat width of 54cm and length of 47cm.

  • Outstation delivery is available.

  • Check out our Facebook page for photos of the wheelchair's size comparison.

  • Contact us for more information on Soma Extra Large or Super Big.


  • Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd, Taiwan.