IN an effort to help in treating Mucus in Lungs (Kahak / 痰)


Fluifort Carbocysteine Phlegm Powder


You may be able to get Fluifort Carbocysteine Phlegm Powder  in Farmasi 727 Kepong KL. As studies found, it is able to make the mucus which is stuck in lungs thinner & less sticky so you can cough out easily.


Fluifort Carbocysteine Lysine Salt Phlegm Powder

If you want to get Fluifort Carbocysteine Lysine Salt Powder for phlegm, you may choose to contact Farmasi 727, in Kepong Baru Open-Air Market, Kuala Lumpur (KL) 吉隆坡 甲洞 化痰粉 .

Fluifort Carbocysteine Lysine Salt is a mucolytic powder and an agent which makes fluid thinner. It therefore help to cough up phlegm. With this action, medical workforce uses it to treat the symptoms of acute as well as chronic respiratory tract diseases. This is because these diseases often come with excessive mucous production. And if mucous stays at a place for too long, it tends to turn into phlegm with the presence of virus and bacteria, active and inactive as well as alive and dead.

Dosage of Fluifort Carbocysteine Phlegm Powder:

  • Adults: 1 sachet daily or according to medical prescription.
  • Fluifort sachet is not suitable for children.
  • In view of its body's absorption and distribution properties and the strong tolerability of Carbocysteine Lysine Salt Monohydrate phlegm powder, patients with renal or liver impairments can still be using the same dose. In other words,  an adjustment of dosage is not necessary.  And,
  • Fluifort Powder is suitable for use by diabetics, too.

How to take Fluifort Carbocysteine Phlegm Powder?

Dissolve the contents of the sachet in half a glass of water and mix well. Next, stir before drinking. Can take it before or after food.

Under what conditions you should not take Fluifort Powder?

Amswer: (1) When you have duodenal-ulcer and gastric ulcer . (2) Phenylketonuria (sachet contains aspartame).

What are the side effects of Fluifort Powder?

Answer: Gastric pain or stomach pain, nausea , diarrhea and mild dizziness.

Product Information:

Brand: Eurodrug Fluifort 2.7g

Fluifort Powder is straw-yellow color powder with orange fragrance. It also comes without foreign bodies. Each sachet contains Carbocysteine Lysine Salt Monohydrate 2.86g. With this, it has the activity equal to Carbocysteine Lysine Salt 2.7g Malaysia registration number with Ministry of Health of Malaysia: MAL12095095XC

Storage of Fluifort Carbocysteine Powder:

Keep in a cool dry place below 30 degrees. Also, keep out of the reach of children.

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