In Search of HIGH QUALITY HDPE plastic gloves

HDPE Plastic Gloves 塑胶手套 THARKARWAL for kitchen food operator, painting, caring weak & disable, home, salon at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. DIRECT FROM FACTORY at wholesale price.




HDPE Plastic Gloves 塑料手套 are valuable for food handling, painting, gardening, caring for weak & disable. Many use this in home, beauty salon, kitchen, etc.. This kind of gloves is strong, durable, lightweight, and chemically resistant  as well as versatile. It is embossed all over to give more grip.

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HDPE Plastic Gloves by MS-THARKARWAL - Malaysia

If you, like many kitchen food operators, are looking for HDPE plastic gloves 塑胶手套 by MS THARKARWAL, you may contact Farmasi 727 in Kepong Baru Open-Air Market, Kuala Lumpur (Sarung Tangan Plastik).

What should you bent on choosing to buy this type of gloves?


1. When kitchen food operators manage food, they want to put on HDPE Plastic Gloves. For a hygienic reason, that is - to avoid cross contamination of germs and/or dirt from human to foods.

2. HDPE stands for high density polyethene. It is a suitable plastic material for gloves  because it is

  • strong - that is not easily torn and able to stand high temperature.
  • durable - that is long lasting .
  • lightweight -  that is 0.105 KG or 3.70 oz per one hundred pieces.
  • resistant  to chemicals like acids and solvents.
  • versatile - that is a suitable for a variety of applications.
HDPE Plastic Gloves for kitchen food operators - Kepong

HDPR plastic Gloves for kitchen food operators - Kepong

3. Product specifications of MS-THARKARWAL HDPE Plastic Gloves 手套 - Kepong

  • Food Grade, therefore, are safe to put on to manage foods.
  • Disposable but recyclable to save our planet
  • Manufacturer uses 100% virgin material (nontoxic material)
  • Free of BPA, the toxic Bisphenol A which could harm our body
  • Free of  phthalates - the unwanted contaminants which we commonly find
  • Fully embossed - comes all over with pattern which stands out to give more grip.
  • Export quality
  • Product of Malaysia

4. Last but not least, it is direct from factory.

What is in the box:

100 pieces of by MS-THARKARWAL High Density Polyethene plastic gloves size: L (available In Kepong Baru)

Gloves Ideal for works of kitchen food operators, nursery, beauty salon, auto mobile, gardening, painting, caring for weak & disable persons (invalids) and daily household usage.

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