HMS Wheelchair foldable leg-rests collapsible


HMS Wheelchair foldable leg-rests collapsible is up in Kepong. 1) FLIpped-up footrests. 2) ALUminum frame, 3) FOLdable backrest 4) Only 11.6 KG 5) Can hold user with bodyweight up to 100KG. Talk to us, price and service we offer might amaze you!


HMS Wheelchair foldable leg-rests collapsible

HMS Wheelchair foldable leg-rests collapsible is up in Farmasi 727 Kepong Open-Air Market, Kuala Lumpur.

HMS Wheelchair Foldable leg-rests collapsible E280LAJ specifications:

  • fixed armrest
  • flipped up footrest
  • aluminum frame
  • can hold user-maximum body-weight up to 100kg
  • weights only 11.6kg
  • back rest which we can fold down to reduce size so as place in compact spaces.
  • rear wheel 20″
  • attendant-propelled or self-propelled
  • double cross bar under the seat to make it more robust
  • convenient to carry and travel
  • fit into the trunk of a sedan
  • color: upholstery is in hunter green and navy blue
  • width of the seat is 46cm while the width of the open -up wheelchair is 64cm

Product Information

Brand: Hygeian Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd

Made in Taiwan

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Additional information

Weight11.60 kg