There appears to be a relative increase in the density of mineral in bone resulting as a benefit of vitamin K supplementation in older persons. Such increase is because of its effect of lessening the speed of bone loss.  Pointing out, this significant overall trend becomes obvious on the analyses of a combination of studies of the same subject of vitamin K

Vitamin K is an essential vitamin.  As such, it is vital to life. And we can also consume it via food. It helps to built strong bones or treat osteoporosis.

It is one of the four fat-soluble vitamins, along with vitamin Avitamin D, and vitamin E. Its name of “Vitamin K “ was in use after taking cue from the German word koagulation. It is mainly due to its known role in blood coagulation.

You can find Vitamin K in dark green vegetables like kale, matcha tea, and much richly in natto (a type of fermented soybeans). Vitamin K can also be found in various animal products.

The Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin K is sufficient to support healthy blood coagulation. Higher levels of vitamin K, however, may provide additional benefits. As for additional benefits, one example of them is the strengthening of bones.  

However, unfortunately, it can be difficult to obtain high levels of vitamin K from food alone. Therefore, supplementation of vitamin K is a likely and sensible option.

Being fat soluble, Vitamin K should be supplemented alongside with fat or oily meals.

Studies Found

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By the way, it is also worthwhile to notice the following findings on vitamin K:

  1. Several studies were done on cases of just liver cancer, using super load – doses of vitamin K (40mg or more). They saw a notable reduction in mortality risk. Also, this was besides a remarkable prolongation of survival times
  2. Recurrence rates of hepatocellular carcinoma appears to be significantly less than placebo. It was when using vitamin K in a super loading scheme (40mg or more daily

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